How NOT To Make A Movie

This podcast is a celebration of collaboration… and what happens when good collaboration goes horribly wrong.

When filmmaking craft turns to crap.

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S2E2: “What’s Funny Is…”

With Guest David Brecher The creative process is entirely unpredictable. Even creatives who genuinely aspire to produce greatness every time out can’t predict that they will produce greatness. It’s always a crap shoot. So it is with podcasts as it is with movies and with TV shows. In this episode, […]

S2E1: THE Crypt Keeper Interview

In this episode, the four people responsible for creating and producing one of the world’s most iconic characters discus how that happened. The cool part? We’ve never had this conversation together. Ever.

The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast: Season 2 Promo

Are you looking for your next great podcast fix! Maybe you’re a little fried on true crime stories or you need a break from politics for two seconds. Sound familiar? Then have I got the podcast for you! In season one of “The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast”, […]

Episode 10: Can We Talk Sequel?

I’ll close season one as a solo act with a few remaining “horror stories from the show business trenches”. I’ll tell more of those stories in Season 2! In this episode: a makeup special effects near disaster with actor Tim Curry playing three parts; how to tell an Oscar-nominated composer (Michael Kamen) you’re not happy with his work; how to talk to Superman; how to get a studio tent pole movie green-lit IN THE ROOM!

Episode 9: Joel Directs!

In this (bonus) episode we return to the cutting room floor for stories that didn’t make the cut but we don’t want you to miss. There are stories about Joel Silver directing an episode of “Tales From The Crypt”, George Burns, Joe Pesci, Academy Award winning director Eliot Silverstein and actor Joey Pantoliano.

Episode 8: The Martini

The classic Martini is simple. Elegant. Ice cold gin or vodka with a whisper of vermouth. It’s the perfect end of the day cocktail. This episode will feature another kind of cocktail – a lively conversation wherein the Dads From The Crypt will interview Tales From The Crypt. Dads From […]

Episode 7: Tales About “Tales”

Get a bunch of people together who worked on a project and they’ll have stories. That’s what this one is – backstage stories from “Tales From The Crypt”. How to describe the experience of making “Tales From The Crypt“… It was unique, for starters! Back in the 1990’s when we […]

Episode 6: “The Cutting Room Floor”

One of the cool things about podcasting is how granular you can get in the storytelling. Whatever the reasons I couldn’t or didn’t use this content in the story, I’m delighted that I can use it here. So many great stories, so little time in which to tell them all.

Episode 5: “Endings Are Never Pretty”

How a movie starts is really important. How it ends though – how it sends its audience out into the night – is really, really important. The script for “Bordello Of Blood” had a perfectly acceptable ending. The Hollywood sausage-making process that put Bordello on the screen however had no ending. Put in horror movie terms, the creative team behind HBO’s highly successful TV series “Tales From The Crypt” – a creative experience they all found unique in their careers – suddenly found themselves having to make a real monster: a movie none of them wanted to make. And then – as movie monsters do – their flawed creation haunted them. And yet… can horror movies have happy endings?

Episode 4: “Special Effects”

Nothing is more important to a horror movie than its makeup special effects. Ironically, we live and die by the quality, the craftsmanship, the authenticity and the sheer OMG-ness of how well we re-create the illusion of gore. That’s where this episode begins: we’ve realized that our local makeup special effects team – talented and willing as they are – needs help because we’ve set them up for failure. Dennis wants to be anywhere but the set, Erika doesn’t want to play the role she agreed to play and Sly finally breaks it off with Angie – leaving her an emotional wreck. Then Joel comes for another disruptive visit to Vancouver! And all to make a movie none of us want to make to begin with!

Episode 3: Welcome To Vancouver/Can We Go Home Yet?

There’s something inherently hopeful about starting a feature film or TV show. A team of strangers comes together to make something they all believe in. And then there’s “Bordello Of Blood”. Where a team of strangers got together – and simply got “stranger” with each other. In Episode 3, we settle in for the long haul – and the long haul settles in on us.

Episode 1: Sausage Making, Hollywood Style

Our story begins… How Universal pulled the plug on Dead Easy (a project we all loved and looked forward to making) and had us make “Bordello Of Blood” instead – a film not a single one of us wanted to do.

Episode 2: “How Not To CAST A Movie”

Casting, it’s been said, is ninety percent of any director’s work. Get the casting right and life is easy. Get it wrong though and even “Citizen Kane” can turn into “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.

Preview: “When Coming Attractions ‘Kill’!”

Now, why (you might ask), would anyone care about a mediocre little horror movie that came out a thousand years ago? Well, in addition to the fact that “Tales From The Crypt Presents Bordello Of Blood” still makes the cable TV rounds every Halloween – like a movie monster that won’t die – it stands as an object lesson on what happens when you do things for all the wrong reasons. Spoiler alert: nothing good.

Though we made the film almost 30 years ago, Bordello still ripples across the lives of the people who made it. Bordello broke up several longstanding relationships; people quit the business because of it and tried to wipe it off their resumes! But no one has talked about the soul-destroying experience of making Bordello until this podcast.

Host (And Producer)

A L Katz (Alan to his friends) has been in the film and TV business for over 35 years. In that time, he’s written and produced iconic TV series like HBO’s “Tales From The Crypt” and Showtime’s “The Outer Limits”. He’s written and produced iconic feature franchises like “Children Of The Corn II” and “Tales From The Crypt Presents Demon Knight”. And then there’s “Bordello of Blood”. After taking two decades off to deal with a deepening depression (Bordello had a little something to do with it), Alan is back! And, boy, has he got a story to tell.

Executive Producers: Dads From The Crypt

Dads From The Crypt is a podcast where three spooky dads who really like HBO’s “Tales From The Crypt” talk about and review episodes of the TV series and the two feature films that arose from the series. They also interview whichever Crypt writers, directors, producers, actors, actresses or crew they can sink their fangs into. Same goes for all things related to the horror genre (and music, too). Each Dads From The Crypt podcast also includes a bit of battle-tested parenting advice. Where else on the internet are you going to find that? Nowhere! Please visit their website:

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