Episode 8: The Martini

The “martini” usually means it’s quittin’ time!

The classic Martini is simple. Elegant. Ice cold gin or vodka with a whisper of vermouth. It’s the perfect end of the day cocktail. This episode will feature another kind of cocktail – a lively conversation wherein the Dads From The Crypt will interview Tales From The Crypt.

Dads From The Crypt

First, let me introduce the Dads From The Crypt – my partners in crime on this podcast. The Dads are a lovely group of Tales From The Crypt fans (who also happen to be dads). They do a really delightful podcast (called “Dads From The Crypt” where 1) they review all 93 episodes of Crypt one at a time, and 2) give parenting advice.

When DFTC’s Jason Stein first told me that? I knew I had to work with the group.

First, Jason interviewed me for an episode of his podcast. Then, he asked if I was up for another interview – this one about “Bordello of Blood”.

“Jason,” I said, “The story of Bordello’s making is more than just one podcast. It’s…” and I stopped as the inspiration dawned on me – “…a podcast unto itself“.

And here we are.

A Change Of Plans!

In movie-making lingo, the “martini” is the last shot of the day. Originally, this was going to be the final episode of the podcast but, things changed. More episodes happened. A season two is coming! Well get to that.

In the meantime – I’ll savor this martini as I slip into a chair for my Dads From The Crypt interview. Then we’ll serve up a whole pitcher of martinis as the rest of the “Tales From The Crypt” crew (Gil Adler, Victoria Burrows, Ed Tapia, Todd Masters, Greg Melton, Randall Thropp and Todd Masters) sit down for interviews, too.

A guy named Cody Whitehouse coined the movie making term “martini” in 1989. The idea: “the next shot will be out of a glass”. That won’t be the case here, with this episode, the next “shot” will come from the Dads From The Crypt.

Martini Photo 46830004 © Casther | Dreamstime.com

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