The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast: Promo #2

A L Katz (Alan to his friends)

Hi, this is Alan Katz and have I got a podcast for you! It’s the absolutely true, jaw-dropping story about Hollywood sausage-making told from the sausage point of view. You’ll hear about big stars with even bigger egos and Hollywood producers behaving like psychopaths. You’ll thrill to waves of wretched excess, buckets of bad attitude and great, steaming piles of truly terrible behavior.

In this podcast, you’ll observe people doing things that normal people just don’t do.

A Love For Movie Making Craft

But, this also is a story about a very real love for movie-making told by movie makers. It’s about what happens when craftspeople find their craft suddenly turning into crap.

Twenty-five years ago, the creative team behind HBO’s hit horror series “Tales From The Crypt” set out to make three “Crypt” branded feature films for Universal Pictures. The first film out the gate – “Demon Knight” – was highly successful. But something bizarre happened on the way to the Crypt team putting out a second successful feature film. We hit a wall – and the damned wall hit back!

Did We Mention We Have Stars?

“The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast” is a brutally honest, highly personal expose about what happens when Hollywood movie making goes horrifyingly off the rails. Before we’re done, everyone from Sly Stallone to Joel Silver to Corey Feldman to Tom Hanks, to Dennis Miller to Billy Friedkin to Bob Zemeckis will play a part. And that’s just for starters!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll plotz! The last one I guarantee. It’s a Yiddish word that means “enjoy”. If you like podcasts about famous people and movies and everyone acting crazy – you’re gonna love “The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast: The Making Of Bordello Of Blood”. It’s how Hollywood sausage gets made! And it’s available wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

So – sausage, anyone?

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