The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast: Season 2 Promo

Are you looking for your next great podcast fix! Maybe you’re a little fried on true crime stories or you need a break from politics for two seconds. Sound familiar? Then have I got the podcast for you! In season one of “The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast”, we told the story of “The Making Of Bordello Of Blood” – a horror movie nobody wanted to make. Actually, making Bordello was scarier than anything in Bordello!

If you haven’t heard season one yet, we highly recommend it.

Now, in season two, we expand the franchise. “Horror stories from across the movie-making trenches”. More painful personal stories of movie-making craft turning into crap.

S2E1 – THE Crypt Keeper Interview

We’re super excited about Season Two’s premier episode! We have a conversation that’s never been had before between the four people responsible for creating Tales From The Crypt’s iconic Crypt Keeper.

It’s true! The four people responsible for creating the Crypt Keeper have never spoken together before about creating the Crypt Keeper. We’ve never discussed the fact that none of us own a bit of him. Not Kevin Yagher who built the puppet. Or John Kassir who voices him. Not the podcast’s co-host Gil Adler who produced and directed the Crypt Keeper segments. And not me – the guy who put all those words and terrible puns into the CK’s animatronic mouth.

If you love movies or if stories about movie-making are catnip to you, if you just love funny stories period, you are gonna love this podcast. Did I mention there’ll be plenty of inside dirt?

“The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast: Horror Stories From The Movie Making Trenches”. Check it out at “How-not-to-make-a-movie-dot-com (separated by dashes except for dot-com). Or find us wherever you go to find your favorite podcasts!

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