S2E1: THE Crypt Keeper Interview

Meet The Crypt Keeper’s keepers (clockwise from upper left) – Gil Adler, Alan Katz, John Kassir, Kevin Yagher.

First of all, it’s good to be back for a second season! Better still to be back with company. As we kick off Season Two of “The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast”, we really do become a “we”. Former creative partners Alan Katz and Gil Adler are now current creative partners! One of the bonus content features coming to this site very soon will be inside dope on the various creative projects we’re working on together. But that’s content for another day. Today’s content is special all by itself. Today we bring you “THE Crypt Keeper Interview”. Hands down, the best Crypt Keeper interview ever!

Not Just Any Crypt Keeper Interview

In today’s episode, the four people responsible for creating and producing one of the world’s most iconic characters discus how that happened. The cool part? We’ve never had this conversation together. Ever.

But, it’s about time we did.

First, Meet Alan & Gil

In Season One of “The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast”, Alan and Gil told their stories of how they got involved in doing “Tales From The Crypt”. The stops along the way included “The Hitchhiker“, “Freddy’s Nightmares: The Nightmare On Elm Street TV Series“, “Vietnam War Story” and “Children Of The Corn II“. As Alan and Gil describe, Life doesn’t really begin until you’ve got your own Joel Silver stories.

Fans of Joel Silver stories rejoice! There’s never an end to Joel Silver stories!

Meet Kevin Yagher

It would surprise most people to learn how exactly The Crypt Keeper came to be. First, there was KEVIN YAGHER’s inspired puppet. By the time Kevin and Crypt stumbled on each other, Kevin’s career had already intersected with Gil’s a few times. Both worked on “The Hitchhiker” and “Freddy’s Nightmares: The Nightmare On Elm Street TV Series”. Kevin insists that, for him, getting Crypt was an accident of fate – and the physical location of his monster shop. Kevin then tells the story of how he auditioned all the actors who read for The Crypt Keeper. A couple of famous actors were sure they’d nailed the part. Kevin disagreed. And then John Kassir walked in the door…

Meet John Kassir

The instant Kevin heard JOHN KASSIR‘s voice, he recognized it as the Crypt Keeper’s. Want to experience a treat? Listen to John Kassir talk about how he created the Crypt Keeper’s unmistakable voice and the CK’s now world famous laugh. You’ll never watch “The Wizard Of Oz” the same way ever again.

As with all the stories we tell on this podcast, no one in show biz is safe. Why, in this episode, we’ll even drag in James Remar, Steven Spielberg and the entire Child’s Play franchise!

Having this conversation was a blast. We all learned new things. And we hope you have as much fun listening to it!


Crypt Keeper – Early Looks

Kevin Yagher and the Crypt Keeper compare orthodontia.

Crypt Keeper photo credits: https://puppatoons.wordpress.com/2009/10/18/the-crypt-keeper/

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