The “DEAD EASY” Table Read For Charity

Please join us – that’s Alan Katz & Gil Adler – as we host a TABLE READ FOR CHARITY!

The Charity: The Motion Picture Home (the MPTF). They help film folk in need.

The Read: The second “Tales From The Crypt” movie that never was (we made “Bordello Of Blood” instead) – “DEAD EASY”.

Over time a mystique has developed around “Dead Easy”. Fans have wondered about the story and how it would have compared to “Demon Knight”, now an agreed upon classic in the horror movie canon. Well, no one has to wonder anymore. We’ve got the script, we’ve got actors and we’ve got you. 

So, let’s get together and put on a show! The WHEN? SATURDAY, DECEMBER 17 at NOON PACIFIC TIME.

Your donation receipt will be your ticket to the Dead Easy Table Read. How much you give is entirely up to you, but, generosity is encouraged. 

Please check back here (better yet, subscribe!) for more details as we get closer to the date. It’s going to be a blast. Why, who knows? Even the voice of the Crypt Keeper – John Kassir – may show up!

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