S2E16: Car Ride To Hell

Car Ride To Hell

Welcome to our first new episode of 2023! We’re dropping a Joel Silver story we’ve been threatening to tell since we started this podcast last year. The Car Ride To Hell!

How do we know it ended up in Hell? Well, for starters, Donald Trump makes an appearance – two actually!

Here’s the setting. As you probably recall from Season One, Gil and I took over running “Tales From The Crypt” at the start of its third season – supposedly it’s last season. But, Gil and I turned around the franchise. We reinvigorated the storytelling and turned the Crypt Keeper into a franchise player. Gil and I began prepping Crypt’s season 4 (our second season running it). This often meant heading to Joel’s office at Warner Brothers in Burbank to consult; Joel was very hands on at times.

Now, one of the things that Gil and I learned quickly was that going to a meeting at Joel’s could easily eat up a whole day. Though the meeting itself might last minutes, one invariably waited for Joel. And waited, and waited… One needed to maintain very cool heels to work for Joel.

On the day in question, Gil and I cooled our heels outside Joel’s office for hours before he kidnapped us and took us on “The Car Ride To Hell”. Gil and I really were trapped with Joel. However crazy you think this experience is going to be, double your estimate. Then double it again. This is that crazy!

Hell Photo 109649322 © Ig0rzh | Dreamstime.com

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