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S2E17: “Castle Of Horror”!

William Castle – The “Castle Of Horror”

Welcome to The Castle Of Horror – the latest episode of the How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast!

In it, we talk to Terry Castle daughter of film legend WILLIAM CASTLE – producer of Rosemary’s Baby but more importantly producer AND director of iconic Hollywood horror movies  THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL… 13 GHOSTS… THE TINGLER!

What made Castle so memorable though wasn’t so much the movies he made as how he promoted them. From flying skeletons in the movie theaters to thousand dollar life insurance policies in case the movie scared its audience to death, to movie theater seats that jolted their occupants.

William Castle wasn’t just a movie maker, he was a showman! An impresario. And, it turns out, a very nice person and a great dad!

So, don’t be scared! It won’t bite… much.

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