S2E24: “Bordello Schmear, Part 2”

The Whole Schmear!

This episode/post is a continuation of S2E23 – Bordello of Blood: The Whole Schmear. I guess that makes this “the rest of the schmear”.

Spoiler alert: this story has a happy ending. At its core, our podcast is the story of a creative relationship. How making a dumb horror movie destroyed that relationship. And how doing a podcast about making that dumb horror movie healed the wounds and reignited the relationship. That’s after not speaking to each other for twenty-five years. In fact, doing the podcast began a whole schmear of things unto itself!

How It All Began…

Gil Adler and I were poised to make a movie we thought would alter our careers for the better. “Dead Easy” was a psychological thriller. The whole “Tales From The Crypt” creative team were looking forward to making that movie. Hell, we spent six weeks in New Orleans prepping it. We were touring a swamp when Universal pulled the plug on “Dead Easy”, called us home to LA and told us “You’re doing ‘Bordello Of Blood’”‘ instead”.

Everything that happened after that was a catastrophe (of one kind or another).

We’ve always seen season one, episodes one-through-five as “our story”. Here, for the first time, we’ve put together all five episodes into one one opus-sized episode (well, into two episodes – the whole schmear was too large to publish as one single podcast – file size limits, ya know?).

And, There’s More…!

We’ve also added a few tantalizing hints about the streaming show Gil and I are about to take out into the TV marketplace: “Are You Afraid?” Think of it as “Walking Dead” meets “Buffy The Vampire Slayer: meets “Sweeny Todd” (without the music). If you enjoyed the wicked fun of Tales From The Crypt, you’ll love “Are You Afraid?

But, first – we hope you enjoy the rest of the schmear!

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