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S2E27: “A Taste Of Sherrie”

The incomparable Sherrie Rose

One of the great things about doing “Tales From The Crypt” was the actors we got to work with. Kirk Douglass, Tom Hanks, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael J Fox, Isabella Rossellini, Daniel Craig among many, many others. We also got to work with an actor named Sherrie Rose. Hell, we liked working with Sherrie so much at Crypt that we hired her three times. Only William Sadler can compete. Bill also appeared in two Crypt episodes; he also appears in both Crypt feature films. Sherrie caught our attention early on.

She also caught director William Friedkin’s attention. In fact (as Sherrie will tell it), Billy essentially hired Sherrie in the room to play Vendetta in his “On A Dead Man’s Chest” episode. It’s about tattoos and the rock and roll world – two worlds Sherrie knew. What Billy Friedkin saw – it’s why we kept hiring Sherrie – is her unique combination of brains, balls and beauty.

Only Skin Deep

A few seasons later, we developed a script called “Only Skin Deep” about a strange, mask-wearing young woman who lures a violent man home from a costume party, seduces him and then cuts off his face. We only ever had one actor in mind for the strange, mask-wearing young woman: Sherrie Rose. In our minds, no one else could play it.

When we went off to do the first of the Crypt-branded feature films – Demon Knight – we cast Sherrie. Alas, most of her scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. It happens. But Sherrie’s never been one to lick her wounds. As you’ll see, Sherrie’s a dynamo. She’s a terrific producer, writer and director, too.

Me And Will

Sherrie co-wrote, co-produced and co-directed a terrific little indie feature film called “Me and Will” back in 1999. It’s about two women who skip out of rehab and go on a road trip (on motorcycles) to find the motorcycle used in “Easy Rider”. It’s beautifully shot. The acting is spot on. Patrick Dempsey’s in the cast as are Grace Zabriskie, Seymour Cassel, Keanu Reeves and M. Emmet Walsh. We really do recommend it!

As you’ll hear and see, Sherrie’s one of those people who seems to know everyone. She got Mick Jagger to giver her a song for the “Me And Will” soundtrack for free. When the manager at The Viper Room on Sunset Strip wouldn’t let Sherrie use the room in the movie, she got it anyway after bumping into Johnny Depp – one of the space’s owners at an event. Also – when we cast Sherrie in “Dead Man’s Chest”, she got us rock legends Greg Allman and Steve Jones – because they were friends of hers.

If Sherrie has one strength above all – that serves her whether she’s acting, producing, writing or directing: she’s always totally prepared. Sherrie Rose is a content creation meal – well balanced and nutritious. We have a sneaking feeling a taste of Sherrie won’t be nearly enough.
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