S2E34: Roger Nygard Knows Practically Everything

Live long, prosper and Know Practically Everything!

Filmmaker, video editor and documentarian Roger Nygard knows practically everything important that there is to know. Seriously, It all started with “Trekkies”, Roger’s first documentary.

With “Trekkies”, his celebration of “Star Trek” fans, Roger created the fan documentary. What made it easy was that Roger himself was a fan of the series. And a fan of movies. Roger grew up in Minnesota and migrated west alongside a self proclaimed Minnesota Mafia “ice pack”. We’ll talk about their odd Minnesotan sense of humor. Think the Coen Brothers – Joel and Ethan – and movies like “Fargo”.

Roger’s story of breaking into show biz – and staying there – is revelatory. Like a lot of Roger’s documentaries, it’s instructive, too!

Want to know the secret of life? Roger knows it (he talked to dozens of experts, religious leaders, followers and philosophers to get that secret – and he’ll share it with you!

How about the secret to having a great relationship with your significant other? Roger knows that one, too – and he’ll share it!

Roger also shares the secret to making things funny and to making funny things funnier. Something to do with “faster”.

These days, Roger edits “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (he’s also edited and/or directed shows like “The Office” and “Veep”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Bernie Mac Show”. He’s got a few more documentaries up his sleeve, too.

You might not sit down to this podcast expecting to walk away with the secrets to life and better relationships, but that’s exactly what you’re going to get! Because Roger Nygard knows practically everything!

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