Bill Malone fell in love with Robby The Robot the moment Robby entered the classic sci fi movie “Forbidden Planet“. Characters like Robby and the Creature From The Black Lagoon completely captivated Bill. They piqued something deep inside him. Like a lot of burgeoning movie-makers, Bill spent time with a super 8 movie camera as a kid. In Bill’s case, that love led him into a career making movies. It also gave him the chance to actually own the character that helped inspire that love: Robby The Robot!

Bill’s one of those great storytellers whose own story is pretty damned compelling. He’s been to some very cool places at some very cool times. He was backstage with a press pass at the Monterey Pop Festival, designed the face mask that became THE original Michael Meyers mask, and he directed feature films and TV shows including one of the very best episodes of Tales From The Crypt ever!

We will do a deep dive into “Only Skin Deep”. It might just be Bill’s masterpiece!

Ah, but Hollywood’s fickle. Bill’s also experienced more than a few setbacks, too. Bad luck has found Bill directing several examples of how NOT to make a movie. That includes a TV movie we all did together for Fox – W.E.I.R.D World. Bill feels it’s the weakest thing he ever did. We’ll discuss!

We’ll also discuss Freddy’s Nightmares (the “Nightmare On Elm Street” TV series – we all worked on it), Masters of Horror, The House On Haunted Hill and everything else on Bill’s mind. Hell, because he worked for Joel Silver (Bill directed “The House On Haunted Hill” for Joel and Bob Zemeckis’ Cark Castle Pictures), Bill’s got Joel stories, too!

In our case, nothing’s forbidden!

Like happy endings. We’ll talk about how Bill’s passion for movies paid off in the end (to the tune of 5.38 million bucks!).

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