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S2E39 Crypt And Crypt Again


In this episode, we’ll be singing “Chattanooga Choo Choo” because this year’s Chattanooga Film Festival is going to be singing “Tales From The Crypt”, “Bordello of Blood” and “The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast“!

Gil and Alan will be IN Chattanooga from June 23 – 25 as part of this year’s live events. The film festival will continue in a virtual format from June 26 – June 29. The CFF is ten years old and thrilled to have a live component again (their first time going live after the pandemic). This year, they’ll be showing (and in many cases premiering) 40+ feature films and 30+ shorts. They describe this year’s lineup as a “cinema tsunami”!

The Chattanooga Film Festival prides itself on being an odd duck among film festivals. They’ve always leaned toward the strange and horrific. Especially the horrific – which is why they reached out to us. Cos strange and horrific!

Crypt Again!

Here’s a strange thing: we produced “Tales From The Crypt” about 30 years after the EC comics had had their run. The CFF is celebrating Crypt as the audience rediscovers about 30 years after we stopped producing Crypt. It must be time for Crypt again!

Join us in Chattanooga – or virtually if getting to Chattanooga just ain’t in the cards. We’ll be hosting another table read of “Dead Easy” (the movie we were supposed to make instead of “Bordello Of Blood”), with well known genre actors playing the roles.

We’ll screen Bordello at the CFF – with Gil and Alan watching it together for the first time and doing a live commentary – and meet with a local Veterans group to talk about movie-making.

Finally, we’ll do a live version of the podcast where we’ll take questions from the audience.

We also discuss the ongoing writers strike – a subject that strikes home (as it were). So, join us as we Chattanooga Choo Choo Crypt and Crypt again!
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