S2E43: “Lightning In A Bottle”

That should be “Lighting In A Bottle – At the Chattanooga Film Festival“. That’s where we just spent the weekend – being feted (not fetid) because of “Tales From The Crypt“, “Bordello Of Blood” and this, our “How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast“.

So, before we start, thank you, Chattanooga Film Festival & Chattanooga & The Read House!

First of all, neither Gil nor I had ever been to Chattanooga. Gil has been to Nashville a couple of times but that’s as close as either of us had ever been to Chattanooga. Until now. It’s a charming city loaded with history (lots from the Civil War – a subject that fascinates me). The hotel where the CFF held most of their IRL events (the live ones versus the virtual ones) was The Read House – an historical hotel that dates back to 1872 (and before that to another hotel that stood on the same site).

The Read House has hosted lots of celebrities. Everyone from Al Capone to Elvis and Ronald Reagan. It’s a beautiful hotel. Recent renovations focused on the hotel’s history.

The festival itself also is worth tuning in for – it’s still ongoing (albeit in virtual form for the duration). Gil and I both saw some great movies and shorts from all over the world. The festival focuses on the creepier side. We’ll be chatting with a few of these terrific film makers in podcasts to come!

But this event was all about Tales – and capturing lighting in a bottle – and what happens when you forget to hold tightly to the jar’s lid. Lightning never sits quietly in that jar.

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