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S2E44: “Hot Shots”


Want to have a  G R E A T weekend? Spend it being feted by the incredible folks (led by Chris Dortch) at the Chattanooga Film Festival. Nothing beats good people treating you like a couple of hot shots. We hope we gave half as good as we got!

The Chattanooga Film Festival (named one of the 25 coolest film festivals in the world by Movie Maker Magazine) focuses on the really offbeat – with a particular bent toward horror. That’s why the CFF’s especially special in our hearts!

This year, in addition to celebrating a fantastic collection of shorts and feature films, the CFF celebrated Tales From The Crypt, Bordello Of Blood, us and this very podcast! An honor and a thrill, everybody!

Last episode, we broadcast our session in front of a live film festival audience, talking smack and taking questions.

In this episode, we want to tell you how it actually was on the ground in Chattanooga. We’ll dish about everything – from the wonderful accommodations at the Read House Hotel (also the CFF’s base) to the food to lots and lots of the movies being celebrated.

Spoiler Alert: there was plenty to celebrate.

Ably assisting us all along the way were our producing partners, the Dads From The Crypt. While dad Jason Stein attended the CFF virtually, dads Jody Webster and Armando “Mando” Aguilar got to attend in the flesh.

We’ll compare notes with everyone!

And, finally, if you have a few bucks banging around in your pocket needing a good cause, please consider tossing a few to the Chattanooga Film Festival. While they have paying sponsors, those sponsors don’t cover the full fare. This labor of love deserves our love. Here’s where you can donate to this very worthy, creative cause.

While you can’t play anything at the CFF’s website, it’s still chock-a-block with good information! As we said, this was a great, small-scale-but-giant-heart film festival that deserves to thrive (and not just because they celebrated us).

In the episodes ahead, we’ll bore in on some of the films we saw. And we’ll bore in on the terrific filmmakers who made them.

Yeah, that wasn’t a good weekend in Chattanooga, it was a G R E A T one! Hot shots for the hot shots!

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