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S2E55: It’s A Crypt Keeper Spook-tacular!


JOHN KASSIR – the voice of THE CRYPT KEEPER – discusses the Crypt Keeper’s birthing process. It took FOUR PEOPLE to turn the CK from a great puppet into an iconic character. Are there Crypt Keeper segments the CK’s creators like best? Are there any they hate? There ae no secrets in this Crypt! With guest appearances by WHOOPI GOLDBERG, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGAR, ALFRED HITCHCOCK, ELVIS, THE BEATLES, MARLON BRANDO, FORREST GUMP and JOEL SILVER!

Sittin’ In With John Kassir

It’s always a blast to sit in with our friend John.

In S2E1 – along with Kevin Yagher – we all discussed the herky-jerky, entirely serendipitous process that created the iconic Crypt Keeper character from HBO’s iconic TV series “Tales From The Crypt”. How Joel Silver and Kevin first met… then how Kevin auditioned dozens of actors to play the CK’s voice (including some very big names)… And, finally, how Kevin knew John was The Crypt Keeper the moment they met.

How The Crypt Keeper Evolved

In our Spook-tacular, you’ll get to see how the Crypt Keeper evolved from a dour, cowl-wearing creep who spoke very slowly into the fast-talking, pun machine with a whole life beyond hosting “Tales From The Crypt”. And, you’ll get to see/hear that evolution!

This really is a Crypt Keeper Spook-tacular – chock full of Everything Crypt Keeper!

Favorite Crypt Keeper Bits & Pieces

As three of the CK’s four creators, we have our favorites among the 93 Crypt Keeper segments. There’s the CK playing golf and scoring par for the corpse… selling personal “scare’ products on The Home Chopping Network… inviting you to play doctor with him by opening wide and saying “Aaaaaaauuugghhhhhhh!”

The strange thing about working with the CK? Though we all knew he was a puppet? He absolutely came to life inside each of our heads. To us, he’s as real as real can be.

Maybe that’s why, as The Crypt Keeper puts it: “You’re never too cold to rock ‘n roll!”

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