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S2E60 Critical Mass


Like us, KRISTEN LOPEZ is passionate about movies (she’s a huuuuuge VERONICA LAKE fan). She’s passionate about the MOVIE BUSINESS, too. An ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST, she’s been THE WRAP’s FILM EDITOR since 2022. She created and co-hosts a great podcast called TICKLISH BUSINESS and wrote “BUT HAVE YOU READ THE BOOK: 52 Literary Gems That Inspired Our Favorite Films” where all of Kristen’s passion, considerable talent and delightfully puckish point of view – are on full display.

Kristen’s also an ardent advocate for disabled people. Her own story has a fantastic arc to it – where passion overpowers all resistance and wins the day.

Mostly, we talk about movies – the ones we love and why we love them.

We’ll also hit on a few movies we, frankly don’t love. Kristen’s journey through movies started with classics like The Wizard Of Oz. But, while her parents refused to let Young Kristen see PULP FICTION and CHASING AMY, they let her watch AMERICAN BEAUTY (go figure!). Her wit and insights won her a loyal adult readership at her high school newspaper where she reviewed movies that adults liked.  

In time, her pithy POV found its way into VARIETY, MTV, TCM and ROGER EBERT.COM.

And then to THE WRAP.

If you love hearing people passionate about the movies surfing their passion? You’ll enjoy this one a ton. To quote Bogey at the end of “CASABLANCA”, it “looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.

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