S2E61 “Killer Klown Konfidential”

Happy Halloween, Everyone!!!

It’s a Killer Klown Konfidential all right, as two of the three CHIODO BROTHERS sit in for a special HALLOWEEN EPISODE! The CHIODO BROTHERS, Stephen, Edward and Charles are MONSTER MAKERS and sculptors. They’re stop motion animators, puppeteers and moviemakers, too. Their work on projects like MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON, THE SIMPSONS and TEAM AMERICA (among many, many others) is nothing short of brilliant! But, some would argue, their masterpiece is the B movie classic “KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE”, now celebrating its 35th anniversary with a new computer GAME from MGM ENTERTAIINMENT.

We’ll talk plenty of process. How the Chiodos went from East Coast dreamers making super 8 movies outside New York City to highly respected and sought after craftsmen to movie makers in their own right – with a classic to their name.

Lots of cool names get dropped (with stories attached of course): MATT STONE and TREY PARKER, LARRY HARMON and BOZO the CLOWN and SHELLY DUVALL (and her terrific show “FAIRYTALE THEATER”).

Like “Tales From The Crypt“, “Killer Klowns is having a resurgence. Old audiences are re-discovering the Klowns while new (younger) audiences are savoring all the pre-digital makeup and special effects. Not only is everything old now new again, everything old is now appreciated for its artistry.

When they made “Killer Klowns”, the brothers laid down a bold marker. We’ll talk about the choices they made and why they made them. It’s not easy to create a classic movie. Harder still is making its sequel.

Good thing the Chiodos have been in heavy demand by other movie makers. We’ll talk about the aforementioned Marcel The Shell. Also we’ll talk about The Simpsons and especially Team America. That, the Chiodos agree, was the biggest, hardest, most challenging project of their collective careers. Some of their very best work, too!

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