S2E63 Still Superman

When we left BRANDON ROUTH, back in S2E62, SUPERMAN RETURNS had just opened to great reviews and respectable numbers, but not respectable enough for WARNER BROS to continue the SUPERMAN REBOOT. They cancelled the next two movies. It’s devastating seeing your future vanish in front of you. But, in time, Brandon found his feet again. He became a regular on CHUCK and PARTNERS. He played TODD in SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD, and filled the uniform of another super hero in the DC UNIVERSE, THE ATOM.

In time, Brandon also re-donned the Superman cape. Turns out, you really can’t keep a good Superman down.

As Brandon describes it, breaking into the entertainment business is a challenge, but that isn’t the hardest part of it. That would be staying on the show biz mountain.

In this continuation of last episode’s conversation about being Superman, Brandon takes us deep into the highs and the lows of that rare experience. The best part: having found his own inner Superman – and put it to work – Brandon now wants to help everyone else find their inner “Man of Steel”.

Brandon Routh is quite convinced that everyone has an inner Superman.

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