S2E15: “Best Bits”

The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
S2E15: “Best Bits”

For a lot of people, 2022 was an outright annus horribilus. One to forget. That wasn’t the case for us here at the How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast. For starters, we came into being this year. That was a good thing (all things considered). We found a growing audience – that’s been even better. And then Entertainment Weekly called us “The Best Film Podcast of 2022”. That was extremely gratifying. So, choosing among our “best bits” this year has been the best kind of challenge.

Let’s Get Started!

Like Maria sings in “The Sound Of Music”, “Let’s start at the very beginning!” First “best bit” is our origin story – how Gil and I got “Tales From The Crypt” to begin with. We’d been creative partners for a few years by then. We wrote a few unproduced screenplays together but also a few episodes of “Freddy’s Nightmares” – the “Nightmare On Elm Street” TV series. Gil produced the show. He also directed the second episode we wrote.

“Tales From The Crypt” changed both our lives. We both sensed when we got Crypt that it would do that.

The Crypt Keeper & Joel Stories

Another “best bit”: the terrific conversation we had to start season two. For the first time ever, the four people responsible for actually creating the Crypt Keeper sat down together and discussed their creation. Iconic characters like the Crypt Keeper don’t just fall from the sky fully formed. They’re the product of intense creative energy and collaboration. The Crypt Keeper was no different.

Among the best of the best bits – Joel Silver stories. Joel Silver was a challenging boss in ways both good and bad. In this episode, we remember 1) a car ride with Joel wherein we almost hired Donald Trump to act in “Crypt”, 2) how Joel nearly caused an international incident when he crossed an international border without a single piece of personal ID and 3) how Joel got an order for the TV series “Perversions Of Science” through sheer force of will.

We really do thank you for making us part of your life this year! We believe 2023 is going to get  even better!

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