S2E31: “Who’s The Boss, Part 2”

The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
S2E31: “Who’s The Boss, Part 2”
Who’s the boss on a film or TV set? Ask the First AD. They’ll know.

A bunch of episodes back (Season Two, Episode 18), we asked “Who’s really the boss on any movie or TV set?” One of the answers: why, it’s the first assistant director, of course! On a TV set, that’s pretty true. There, the first AD works for the producers.

On a movie set, by contrast, the first may be paid by the producers, but, in their mind, they work for the director.  

Meet Leigh Webb

Leigh Webb was a first AD for three seasons of Tales From The Crypt – seasons three through six – and for Demon Knight. So, mostly, he worked for us – Crypt’s producers.

Pretty much everyone who worked on Crypt felt the same way about doing the show. It was special. Really, really special. Leigh is no different.

As I’ve said before, one of the great benefits of doing this podcast and having deep, nuts-n-bolts conversations with friends and co-workers is that I get to learn so much more about my friends and co-workers. They’re even more amazing than I thought they were.

Leigh Webb checks every one of those boxes. His own story is as compelling as any Crypt episode. Leigh acted in the Partridge Family and The Waltons. For three years, he drove an ambulance – which turned out to be his vehicle back into show biz and – eventually – into becoming a first.

What’s more? Leigh’s a great storyteller!

Along the way, we’ll dish on big names. There’ll be love for Tom Hanks. Not so much love for Don Johnson. We’ll talk about working with John Frankenheimer, Raul Julia, John Lithgow, Isabella Rossellini and Tobe Hooper. Yes – more Tobe Hooper stories!

And Leigh will talk about his passion for skydiving. While Leigh worked on Crypt, I very nearly took up his offer to teach me. He can be very persuasive. Alas, Leigh had to quit skydiving recently – just shy of four thousand jumps. He’ll also talk about his current gig as a City Councilor in Franklin, New Hampshire (it’s Daniel Webster’s home town!).

This episode covers a lot of territory and (we’re biased) all of it is glorious!

When Leigh was in the biz, he was boss on every set he worked on.

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