S2E10: “Hanging Out W Alan & Gil”

The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
S2E10: “Hanging Out W Alan & Gil”
Alan & Gil hanging out with the Crypt Keeper

In this episode, Gil and I invite you to hang out with us and shoot the shit. But – before we forget (and while we have your attention) – please join us Saturday December 17 at NOON Pacific time for a “TABLE READ FOR CHARITY”. The MOTION PICTURE HOME (run by the Motion Picture Television Fund) is a great, worthwhile charity. They take care of film folk in need. We’ll be table reading “Dead Easy” – the script for the second “Tales From The Crypt” movie that never happened. “Bordello Of Blood” happened instead.  

Crypt’s Early Days

One of the joys of doing Crypt was getting to work with some really big stars. They really do breathe rarified air. What’s it like working at that level for the very first time? That’s one of the stories Alan will tell about working with Michael J. Fox who directed “The Trap” the first Crypt episode Gil and Alan produced. At the end of the day, it’s about the show – nothing else. Everyone’s as good as their work. Stars become co-workers and partners in crime.

“Rust” & Film Set Safety

No one should ever die on a movie or TV set. No one should ever get hurt. But, definitely no one should ever die. The “Rust” tragedy won’t ever end for the people involved. It should never have happened. Gil especially is obsessive about set safety. On “Freddy’s Nightmares”, we did numerous fire gags. On Crypt, we did lots of gun gags. It’s inconceivable that live ammo gets to any film set. How the hell did it get to the “Rust” set?

How Many Takes Is Too Many?

We’ll close it all out with a story about German director Uli Edell. When he directed the “Came The Dawn” episode, he established a record that has gone unbroken: he went 37 takes into a scene before Gil raced out to the set to stop him personally. We expected directors to get three or four takes of scenes. Five at the very most. Thirty-seven posed a huge problem!

So – pull up a chair (if you’re not already sitting) and “sit a spell”. Gil and I are shootin’ the shit. And there’s lots!

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