S2E30: “Joel-A-Palooza”

The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
S2E30: “Joel-A-Palooza”
Joel Silver aka “The Pajamanator”

There are movie producers and then there’s Joel Silver.

Hollywood’s famous for its larger-than-life personalities. Joel is larger than larger-than-life. Working for Joel can be challenging. Rewarding, too, but challenging especially. There’s not much margin for error but plenty for terror.

In Season One, we told lots of great Joel stories. We’ll re-tell some of them here but with a different context. We’ll tell some new ones too.

There’s the story of Joel directing an episode of “Tales From The Crypt” in between fighting with Gil Adler, the show’s producer because Joel wouldn’t put his cell phone away.

And what about the time Joel tried to fire John Kassir, the voice of the Crypt Keeper?

Or the time Joel crossed into Canada without a single piece of identification and nearly caused an international incident?

We’ll also revisit the Car Ride From Hell and the strange (but very Hollywood) story of how HBO’s short lived series Perversions Of Science came into being.

What makes Joel Silver stories so much fun is that they really can go anywhere because Joel really could do anything. The thing about Joel though is context. You have to appreciate Joel within his context (and not within any sort of real world context). Joel doesn’t exactly live in the real world.

All sorts of odd characters also will appear. Big stars with big egos and even bigger problems. Hustlers and wannabes. We’ve even got a Donald Trump story or two! As befits a “Joel-A-Palooza”, we’ve got something for everyone!

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