S2E14: “Post Mortem” (Featuring Chelsea Rebecca & Jason Stein)

The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
S2E14: “Post Mortem” (Featuring Chelsea Rebecca & Jason Stein)

The body’s on the slab now. Let’s do the post mortem. This past Saturday, our little Podcast held a benefit for the Motion Picture Home – the MPTF. They’re a great organization that takes care of film folk in need. We performed a live table read of “Dead Easy“. That’s the “Crypt” film we never got to make (because we made “Bordello” instead). There’s this whole really good podcast all about it! The obvious question is “how’d it go?” The answer is “great!”

But, that’s just our opinion – Gil’s and mine. How about we open this to the floor and get some different perspective.

Chelsea Rebecca performed several roles in the the reading but her main role was Danny, the little boy. Jason Stein is one of the Dads From The Crypt. He was one of the table read’s producers. Through his horror connections, Jason found us Chelsea.

Boy, are Gil and I glad he did.

The Horror, The Horror…!

What began as a post mortem on the reading evolved into a thoughtful conversation about horror. About great horror and about horror that crosses the line. Chelsea speaks with very real authority about horror (as does Jason). She’s a fan with likes and dislikes. She’s also a talented content creator. Chelsea and her husband James Jannisse produce the very popular “Dead Meat Podcast” and “The Kill Count” on YouTube. “The Kill Count” – this is amazing – has almost 6 million subscribers.

Chelsea didn’t become a horror super fan until college. A class on horror movies at the University of Michigan opened her eyes. “Night Of The Living Dead” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” changed her life. Well, they changed her taste in movies forever and started her down the road to becoming Queen of the Dead. We’ll also talk about cos play and the feature film that Chelsea and James are working on right now.

One fascinating part of this conversation – how each horror fan’s taste in horror evolves over time. Life events – like having kids – can alter a horror fan’s likes and dislikes.

We live in a wonderful world where content creators can be content consumers at the very same time. We are over-brimming with great stories. And there’s an audience for almost every bit of it. Let the post mortem begin!

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