S2E58 (Production) Designer Genes

The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
S2E58 (Production) Designer Genes

Quick! What do TOM CRUISE, FREDDY KRUEGER, DAMIEN (from “THE OMEN”), THE OSCARS and Progressive’s MOTAUR have in common? PATRICK LUMB was their PRODUCTION DESIGNER. Not only is Patrick a remarkable, innovative production designer, he’s a great STORYTELLER, too. And, this episode features some amazing stories from the sets of VALKYRIE, 2006’s THE OMEN and 2010’s NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET reboot.

Gil first met Patrick when he hired Patrick to take over as Valkyrie’s production designer.

Production Designers

Production designers are the people who first visualize what a movie, TV or advertisement world is going to look like. Their eye will touch every aspect of production because everything has to look like it’s part of the same world. PD’s have no control over the story or how the director (and producers) will tell it (which can be maddening at times). PD’s like Patrick hate watching great sets end up on the cutting room floor for reasons having nothing to do with them.

Patrick never set out to be a production designer. He thought he’d grow up to be a painter. His story is a kind of “Odyssey” that led Patrick to a remarkable life.

We cover everything from soccer (Patrick’s a MANCHESTER UNITED supporter) to what it’s like living in Italy (Patrick lives in the beautiful, historic Tuscan town LUCCA, Italy). JAMES BOND was Patrick’s gateway drug to movies. He got the medium’s awe and power. He still experiences “pinch me” moments where he gets a little giddy about what he’s doing (and who with).

Ads We Actually LIKE!

But, for our money, Patrick’s production design work for advertising clients like PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE, GEICO, TOYOTA, CHIK-FIL-A, ALLSTATE and GE is the coolest part of his production design oeuvre.

Check out his portfolio here. While there, don’t miss the mind-blowing installation he PD’d for the Toyota PRIUS!

Patrick’s a perfect example of how one artist’s vision spreads out across the whole media spectrum.

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