S2E5: Steve de Souza Has Even MORE Of A Story

The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
S2E5: Steve de Souza Has Even MORE Of A Story
Steve de Souza has even more stories to tell and they’re epic.

This episode picks up where E4 left off. And then it gets even more epic. Listening to episode 3 is not mandatory. It wouldn’t hurt, but this one stands on its own. It’s a big episode in more ways than one. It covers a lot of incredible territory from the making of classic feature films “48 Hrs” and “Die Hard” to “Commando” to “Streetfighter”. Steve de Souza has a story (or two or three).

If you’re a fan of the movie “Die Hard”, this episode is going to make you smile. For starters, Steve takes us way behind the scenes on the making of this classic movie. “Die Hard” is a bona fide classic. The National Film Registry selected “Die Hard” (along with 824 other films) “for preservation because of their cultural, historical or aesthetic significance”. If you had told Steve – or anyone involved in making “Die Hard” – that people would even remember it 30 years later, they’d have been thrilled. More to the point, if you had told them that “Die Hard” would be some peoples’ go-to Christmas movie? They’d have wondered what you were smoking. It wouldn’t even be legal now.

Is “Die Hard” A Christmas Movie?

Steve’s erudite, fully researched (he’s got bells and whistles!), mini-presentation compares “Die Hard” to “White Christmas” and asks the question “which one is the real Christmas movie?”

The “Die Hard” vs “White Christmas” comparison chart. Which movie’s the real Christmas movie?

That part of the podcast would be worth the price of admission (if we charged any).

Dads From The Crypt

In keeping with its epic status, the interview also features our friend JASON STEIN (of Dads From The Crypt) joining the interview firing squad. With Jason aboard, we talk about Steve writing and directing “Streetfighter” and working with actor Raul Julia on his last feature film (before succumbing to stomach cancer in 1994). We’ll also talk about Steve’s work on “Tales From The Crypt”.

Crypt fans and aficionados consider Steve’s episode – “Carrion Death” – among the very best episodes ever. Jason has questions.

Finally, Steve will fill us in on what he’s working on now. Since he got here, Steve’s been one of the busiest people in all of Show Biz. He never stopped.

It’s EPIC!

Among the cast of characters in this episode: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Kyle McLachlan, Sheena-Queen-of-the-Jungle and even ELON MUSK!  Working at the peak of the entertainment industry can put a person in contact with almost anyone.  

As we said – an epic episode with an epic guest. If you love movies and moviemaking, this is both a treat and a master class. We repeat what we said: Steve de Souza has a story.

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