S2E11: “An Unexpected Journey”

The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
The How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast
S2E11: “An Unexpected Journey”
Hobbits aren’t the only creatures making unexpected journeys.

Doing this podcast has been the ultimate unexpected journey. It all started when when the Dads From The Crypt interviewed me for an episode of their podcast. The moment Jason Stein – one of the dads – told me the group’s franchise – reviewing Crypt episodes and giving parenting advice – they had me. And I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. When Jason asked if I’d be interested in sitting for another interview – about “Bordello of Blood” – I told him: “Jason, the story of Bordello’s tortured making is bigger than just one interview. Why, it’s a whole podcast unto itself!” And that’s how it started – this ultimate unexpected journey. Nine months later, the world has changed – entirely for the positive!

That’s the most delicious irony! Making Bordello Of Blood changed my life entirely in negative ways. That making a podcast about Bordello would have the opposite effect? Man, who is writing this insanity?

Long Live The Fediverse!

Speaking of bonkers – how bonkers is it that Elon Musk is murdering Twitter? The good news is that he turned us all onto the fediverse. It’s really the fediverse and Mastodon that I’m thinking about as I republish Season One, Episode One of this podcast – the one that started it all.

There are eerie parallels between Elon Musk wrecking Twitter and Joel Silver carelessly wrecking the second Tales From The Crypt feature film. It’s very uncomfortable when circumstances beyond your control take over your life and happiness. Ultimately, Gil and I were powerless to save ourselves or our movie just as most Twitter users are powerless to save Twitter.

But, whereas Twitter will not have a happy ending, Gil and I are having one. We owe it all to this podcast.

Thank You Clark Collis & EW!

A couple of things we want to mention here. First – a huge thank you to to our audience. We’re nothing without ya! We also want to thank entertainment journalist Clark Collis and Entertainment Weekly. Clark interviewed Gil and I and then published a review of our podcast. He said some very kind things about it including that we’re “The Best Film Podcast of 2022”.

Thank you, Clark Collis, for the very kind words.

The Live Table Read For Charity

One last thing. On Saturday, December 17, 2022 at noon pacific time, we’re holding A LIVE TABLE READ FOR CHARITY. We’ll be reading the script for “Dead Easy”. Lost for all these years, this is the script we took with us to New Orleans. it’s also the script we took home with us after Joel told the production to come home from New Orleans because Universal Pictures (our studio) was pulling the plug.

The charity in question is the Motion Picture Home – a fabulous facility that takes care of film people in need. Your donation receipt will be your ticket to the reading. Please check back here or at our Patreon page for details.

So much has changed since we started doing this podcast! For one thing, Gil and I are working together again – on a project we’re very excited about. We’re having a blast writing it and can’t wait to put it out there into the world. A monster in search of love.

Some things never change. And some unexpected journeys are worth whatever it takes to travel them.

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